In case you didn’t get enough



This illustration of snowflakes comes from an 1859 Physical Geography textbook.  The book explains “Captain Scoresby has figured ninety-six different varieties, which he discovered during his Arctic voyages, and which he distributed into classes of lamellar, spicular, and pyramidal crystals.”

This particular geography book belonged to Jemima Kirk of Norristown.  It came to the Historical Society through local artist Lois Rapp, who donated many items to us over many years.  Jemima Kirk might have been an artist, too, if she drew this sketch found at the beginning of the book.



A less sophisticated drawing shows what might be a geography teacher:



The Historical Society of Montgomery County has a collection of over 100 nineteenth-century textbooks.  Besides telling us about how various subjects were taught generations ago, they also tell us a little about the students who used them, like Jemima.



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