Boxes for Books

If you’re a member of the Historical Society, or if you’ve visited our headquarters recently, you may have heard of our “Boxes for Books” fundraiser.  The idea is simple: with a $10 donation, we can purchase a custom made box for one of our many rare books.  The Historical Society of Montgomery County has about 300 books published prior to 1850 in its collection.  All kinds of genres are included: religious works, novels, military science, history, medicine, children’s books, school books, and books printed in Montgomery County.

Since its beginning a year ago, the Boxes for Books drive has collected over $1000!  Last week the first shipment of boxes arrived at the headquarters.

The box of boxes

The box of boxes

Each flat box gets matched to its book, then it gets assembled.

That's me assembling a box

That’s me assembling a box

The acid free box will protect the book from light, temperature fluctuations, bugs, and other forms of environmental damage for a century.


Finally, the book is labeled with the name(s) of the donor and often a credit line in memory or in honor of a loved one.


If you’d like to make a contribution to Boxes for Books, come on down to our headquarters or give us a call at 610-272-0297.



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