Rose Brown, Retiring for Real


This week the Historical Society of Montgomery County bids farewell to our dedicated librarian Rose Brown.  Anyone coming to the Historical Society for research certainly knows how she will be missed.

Rose’s time as HSMC’s librarian has actually been a second career for her.  She worked for 35 years as a nurse before becoming a professional researcher.  While still a nurse, a co-worker got her interested in genealogy. That curiosity led her to us.  She began as a volunteer in 1980 as part of a large project to transcribe cemetery gravestones.  Rose joined of the staff in 1996.

In recent years, Rose and her husband Harry have spent their winters in Florida, and she was only at the Historical Society from late spring until Christmas.  Now, however, she’s leaving the front desk permanently (and she says she really means it).  She will, however, return to teach her genealogy classes every spring and fall.  Beginner Genealogy will held in spring 2015.

Everyone at the Historical Society, staff, volunteers, and patrons, will miss Rose’s kindness, patience, and most of all, her thorough knowledge of Montgomery County’s records.




  1. Oh I remember Rose and her tirelessness as she helped me travel back in time to do a study of a property that I have been enchanted with all my life; the Reinhardt properties of Blue Bell that hosted my first neighbors and friends and provided us with Christmas trees as well as hosting Seneca Day camp in the 1960s and 70s.

    Thank you Rose for your dedication to those souls who came before us, who lived with purpose and meaning and left their legacies to inspire us. Thank you for showing me the original books with original signatures of the records kept.
    I am sure you will be missed.
    Mary Baralt
    East Norriton.

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