The Language of Flowers

While blizzard might have been a dud here in Montgomery County, it’s still pretty darn cold out there.  So, I thought a small taste of spring might be in order.

In this piece, “The language of flowers,” Margaret Young lists for her friends the common meanings associated with various flowers.  Speaking with flowers was popular with reserved Victorians in both Britain and the United States.  Flowers could say what could not be said aloud, and the exchange of small bouquets, called “tussi-mussies.”  You can click on the images to make them larger.

blog082 blog083

It’s no surprise that many of the flowers’ meaning involve romantic love, but others are more curious.  The corn broom represents “industry” and wheat means “Take care of your ears they are the best part about you.”  Some of the flowers are even insulting.  Margaret writes that ladies’ slipper means “You are too wild for sober company,” and if someone gives you mimosas, they’re trying to tell you that “Your irritability hid your good qualities.”

Hopefully, the groundhog will predict an early spring next week, and we’ll be seeing flowers soon.



  1. The handwriting is beautiful, but I’m glad we don’t have to go by those meanings today. It wouldn’t necessarily be the message I’d want to send! There were quite a few to which I didn’t know, too.
    Very surprising!

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