The Clock-Weight Murder, continued


Monroe Gresh’s grave in Saint Luke’s Lutheran Cemetery. Picture from

Last week, I put a lot of pressure on myself to find out what happened to Henry Moyer and Henry Sassaman who were indicted for killing Monroe Gresh.  If you missed last week’s article, you can find it here.

Moyer and Sassman were originally brought before the court in March, 1878. The grand jury indicted them for murder, manslaughter, assault and battery with intent to kill, and other minor charges. The trial was then continued to the June session of the court.

In June, the Herald ran a long article about trial the trial in June. By then, the prosecutors had dropped the murder charge.  On the second day of the trial, they dropped the manslaughter charge against both men, too.  Moyer plead guilty and Sassaman not guilty.  Both men then testified.

Moyer admitted to hitting Monroe Gresh with the clock-weight and described Gresh as “pugnacious.” Sassaman gave the same testimony, and both men brought witnesses that gave them excellent characters.

In the end, Moyer received one year and three months in jail, while Sassaman (who had kicked Gresh after he was down) received one year, with credit for time served.


The courthouse as it appeared in 1878.