Over the past few weeks, we’ve begun processing a large collection of photographs donated to the Historical Society by the Review Archive (http://www.reviewarchives.org/).  The Review was a newspaper based in Roxborough, but it seems to have covered many events in Conshohocken and the surrounding area. One of the more curious pictures we’ve found is this one:


The back provides us little information:


“Girls” is no doubt the caption for the photo.  The “4 x 4 1/2” could be the size of photo in the paper.  “CO/PW” might stand for “Conshohocken/Plymouth-Whitemarsh.”  But that leaves us none the wiser as to who these boys are or what they’re doing.  Is it a celebration?  A fund-raiser?  Did they lose a bet?  Do any of you remember an event like this?

We hope to bring you some more photographs from The Review in the coming months.

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