I found it at the Historical Society!

We have a guest blogger today, our board member and regular Thursday volunteer Ed Ziegler.  He shares a story of something he found at the Historical Society.

In the beginning of the year the Society was deaccessioning some of its books. They had culled duplicates and books not related to the County.  I came in on Thursday, my usual volunteer day. Going through the offices I saw a little leather-bound book with no cover sitting on a desk with no other books around. Being curious, I looked at the title page. I was a Heidelburg Catechism from the mid 1800’s. The owner’s signature was in ink on the page. To my shock and delight, the signature was that of my Great Grandmother, Amanda Weisel! In pen it had her address, Warrington Township, where she grew up. It also had, in pencil, her married name, Amanda Reiff and her new home address, Skippack.

Ed's book

So this book, which belonged to her as a girl and which she kept her whole life (she was born in 1855), serendipitously came into my family’s possession. While the book is in very poor condition, it is the signature which is invaluable to us.

Have you ever found something amazing at the Historical Society?  Perhaps you solved a family mystery or discovered an interesting piece of local history.  Write it up and send it in to our “I found it at the Archives!” contest.  The winner will have his or her story published in our next newsletter and win a box of locally made chocolate pretzels!  The deadline is June 30th.


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