I. H. Brendlinger’s Dry Goods Store


I. H. Brendlinger’s Dry Goods store stood at 80-82 Main Street in Norristown.  The business began in 1870 when Irwin H. Brendlinger bought out Neiman Brothers.  This building was erected in 1876.  Moses Augé, in his Lives of the Eminent Dead, described Brendlinger’s as the “most capacious store of the kind in Norristown and doubtless does the largest business, employing about sixteen store assistants.”

Some of those assistants can be seen here:


Now, you may be asking yourself, what are dry goods?  Well, they’re textiles, as you can see from this other interior photograph.


Brendlinger’s sold fabric, lace, rugs, gloves, blankets, and oil cloth.  According to the book Norristown by Michael A. Bono and Jack Coll, when Irwin H. Brendlinger died in 1898, the store was taken over by Jay F. Brendlinger who continued to run the store into the 20th century.


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