Abner H. Gehman

Yesterday, since the Historical Society was closed, I got to spread out in the reading room and process some long unopened boxes.  A box labeled A. H. Gehman revealed a chaotic collection of papers belonging to Abner H. Gehman and his son, Harry M. Gehman.

Abner H. Gehman was born in 1854 in Franconia Towship.  As as adult, he moved to Norristown.  Going through the box, I found many things familiar from writing this blog.  Mr. Gehman was member of the Republican Invincibles.


He also briefly worked as a clerk at Adam Scheidt Brewing Company.


Gehman was an active Republican and served as clerk of the county courts for four years and as a deputy clerk for forty.

For most of his life, Gehman worked in real estate and insurance, but for five years, 1895-1900, he owned a haberdashery shop on West Main Street in Norristown.  That business is connected to this curious document I found.


Was this an attempt to get husbands and fathers home for dinner on Thursdays or was there something else going on?  I looked through the Times-Herald for the years Gehman had the store, but I didn’t see a notice about the new hours.

When Abner Gehman died in 1939, just after his 85th birthday, his obituary appeared on the front page of the Times-Herald.

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