The Aged Women’s Home of Montgomery County

Aged home picture

When Dr. Mary Henderson Stinson died in 1889, she left her entire estate for the establishment of a home for the elderly women of Norristown.  Her will specifically states that the home was for respectable spinsters and widows over the age of 56 who had lived in Montgomery County at least ten years.  The home was incorporated in 1894.

Mary H Stinson

Dr. Mary Henderson Stinson


The Aged Women’s Home stood at the corner of Markley and Brown Streets.  It had many denizens over the years, and a listing of many of the women who lived there are in the Historical Society’s collection.

We also have a list of the rules for the women who moved into the home.Aged home rules.jpg

The home had room for twelve women at a time.  A brochure lauds the home’s wide hallways, elevator, and electric lights.  An onsite farm provided much of the food.

Aged home room.jpg

To move in, an inmate had to pay $250 and turn over all of her possessions.  In return her meals and medical care would be provided by the home.

In 1935 some of the land was sold to the Norristown School District for building A. D. Eisenhower High School.

Our records for the Aged Women’s Home run until 1960.  They were donated in 1976, but I couldn’t find the exact date of the closing of the institution.  So, if you remember the Aged Women’s Home, please share in the comments.


    • It no longer exists. It seems originally, women came into the home in the 60’s, but as time went on, women didn’t enter until they were older. The home was meant for women who could more or less look after themselves, and it was not meant to be a nursing home. In the late 1960’s the home was closed and the residents moved into a Quaker run nursing home.

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