Do you know this old schoolhouse?

About a month ago, we received four class pictures in the mail.  An accompanying letter explained that the donor had purchased the photos together at a flea market in Michigan.


The image above gives an excellent view of the two story school building with a porch and cupola.


The photographs were taken by D. F. Ziegler of Souderton, so we think they’re probably from that part of the county.


Based on the clothing on the children, we’re guessing these photos are from 1910-1925.  The shutters on the window to the left of the door are open in some pictures and closed in others.  So, they photographs might not be from the same day.  They may even be from different years.


If you have any idea about the school, let us know in the comments.


  1. I couldn’t find a picture of the schoolhouse in Blooming Glen. The Sundae School House looks like it’s only one story. I think the search is hampered by the fact that most school houses in the area used the same design for their schools. The search continues…

  2. It looks to be too far from the road to be the Sundae School House. And though at first I thought it was the Reliance or Five Points School at Main Street and Reliance Avenue, the details don’t match those in the photos of that schoolhouse.

  3. This is the schoolhouse at Main Street and Reliance Road in Souderton, PA. The building has been altered over time and has been converted into a Twin set of homes. The top steeple was removed and the porch altered but it is still pretty much the same. The schoolhouse started as a single story building but then a second floor was added to expand the school.

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