Historical Society of Montgomery County

The Historical Society of Montgomery County is located at 1654 DeKalb St., Norristown, PA 19401.  Our hours are Monday 10-5, Tuesday 1-8, Wednesday 1-8, Thursday 10-5, and Saturday 10-2.  Admission to the library is free to members and $5.00 for non-members.  Admission to exhibits and most programs are free.

Founded in 1881, the Historical Society of Montgomery County is the official historical society of Montgomery County.  We publish an annual Bulletin and a quarterly newsletter.  Please contact us to learn more about the Society, our events, and becoming a member.  Email us at contact@hsmcpa.org or call 610-272-0297.


  1. I have compiled a narrative of my mother’s family that may be of interest. Her maiden name was Bartilson, and her ancestor was Holstein Bartilson. This family came from the New Sweden colony near Wilmington but later moved up the Schuylkill to what was named Swedes Ford at Norristown.

    Perhaps my document would be of interest to place in your files. I can send a Word document if you wish.

    I live in DC but hope to visit your office one of these days.

    Thank you,
    Tom Chapman

  2. The middle house in the photo of E. Main street in the “Found in collection” blog was my father’s house. I remember playing out front and walking to Lou’s for zeps on Sundays. Very interesting to see what it looked like years before he owned it.

  3. Theodore Weber Bean, founder of the HSMC, is my 2nd great grandfather. Several of his children and grandchildren were genealogists… and now I’m one… I am going through their extensive files and digitizing things on GENi.com where I’m a volunteer curator. … I ran across this photo that may be of interest to the HSMC: (Let’s see if this will be visible on your page) https://s3.amazonaws.com/photos.geni.com/p13/53/5e/a4/d7/53444842e2a8fef1/norristown_bean_original.jpg found in a file of Bean family photographs kept by Theo. L. Bean’s dau. Mary Bean Rogers. Theodore Lane Bean is the younger man in the bowler seated directly behind the driver. Might this be the 1903 4th of July parade in Norristown? I would like to identify the other men in the vehicle. I think that one may be C. Henry Stinson who was also a Borough of Norristown official

  4. Hi, I recently purchased an old violin at a local sale from the original owners relative. Inside the violin were two labels that said, “Made in Germany” and “Marsella Conservatory of Music”. It also came with a case, bow and a conductor`s baton (that was given to this individual). Would you have any information regarding this violin? Sincerely, Kevin Laber

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