Freas Family Papers

The Freas family in Montgomery County can trace itself back to George Freas, a German immigrant who settled in Whitemarsh township and fought in the American Revolution.  The family stayed in Whitemarsh for several generations.  We have a small collection of Freas family papers, including papers of that original George Freas, donated to the society in 1940 by Alice Propes.


Recently, I came across another collection of Freas related materials donated to the society in 1993.  This collection was accumulated by Katharine Coulston Bilgen Frankenfield (say that 5 times fast) and donated by her step-granddaughter Michele Frankenfield.



Katharine Coulston Bilgen Frankenfield in 1951

Frankenfield’s papers largely cover several decades of Freas family reunions, which were held on and off in Montgomery County from the late 19th century through the middle of the 20th century. Here’s a photograph from the 1897 reunion:


Now, you might have noticed that the Freas doesn’t appear in Mrs. Frankenfield’s long name.  Her mother Ida was a Freas who married Walter Coulston.  Mrs. Frankenfield also kept a very old family album filled with cabinet cards, many of which are identified.  This tintype is identified as Ida:


I didn’t see a picture labeled Walter, but according to the reunion binder, Walter’s mother was Amanda.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see her maiden name anywhere in the documents.


Amanda Coulston

The organizers of the family reunions (they changed over the years) kept up correspondence with the far flung reaches of the family.  Many of the letters to the organizers report marriages, births, and deaths, but one letter had an intriguing story.  Written by Mrs. Walter Hess in 1957 she reports what happened to her daughter Alice’s husband.


His name, she tells us later in the letter, was Erdmann Ellis Brandt.  I realize he’s neither a Freas nor a Coulston, but it was too interesting not to include.  Alice went on to became a vice-president at the University City Science Center and died in 2013.