Maple Grove School House

Yesterday, we received this wonderful photograph from Historical Society members Mr. and Mrs. Ross Gordon Gerhart III.



The Gerharts provided the identification from Anna Madeline Cupid-Schneider Cooper, late of Ambler, and a former student at the school  The school was built in then Gwynedd Township (today Lower Gwynedd) in 1877 and closed around 1925.  There’s very little in our collection on Maple Grove School.  Our main secondary source on Gwynedd (Historical Collections Relating to Gwynedd by Charles Jenkins) covers only much earlier schools in the area.  According to Eastern Montgomery County Revisited by Andrew Mark Herman the building is still standing.

So we’re looking to our readers!  Do you know anything about Maple Grove School House?  Do you recognize anyone in the children?  Please share this post with as many people you can!