The great school strike of 1918

In continuing with our back-to-school theme from last week, I found this article in a scrapbook created by Clara A. Beck in 1918 (1924.7517.001).  In it are several articles about a student walk out at Norristown High School in February, 1918.


It seems the school board had shorted lunch from 60 to 45 minutes while increasing the length of the school day for more study hall.  Unhappy with the new hours, 400 of the approximately 600 students walked out of the school in protest at 2:30 (the old dismissal time).  The article reports some of the students’ demands.


The teachers were in agreement with the students, though they did not approve of the walk-out.  In a statement to the school board, they explain some of their reasons.


According to the articles, 45 students were suspended and several parents were prosecuted under the truancy law. Ultimately, though, the students and teachers won.