Do you know this old schoolhouse?

About a month ago, we received four class pictures in the mail.  An accompanying letter explained that the donor had purchased the photos together at a flea market in Michigan.


The image above gives an excellent view of the two story school building with a porch and cupola.


The photographs were taken by D. F. Ziegler of Souderton, so we think they’re probably from that part of the county.


Based on the clothing on the children, we’re guessing these photos are from 1910-1925.  The shutters on the window to the left of the door are open in some pictures and closed in others.  So, they photographs might not be from the same day.  They may even be from different years.


If you have any idea about the school, let us know in the comments.

Are you smarter than a 10th grader?

On Monday, I took advantage of the Historical Society being closed for Columbus Day, to spread out in the reading room and process some nineteenth-century notebooks.  Most were from students, but I discovered one that belonged to a teacher.


The book was donated by Mary Hipple Vanderslice, herself a teacher, in 1953.  An accompanying letter explains that the notebook contains the tests given to tenth graders by the Montgomery County Superintendent of Schools.  The students of each township were tested together at a central site.  The notebooks belonged to Rachel A. Yerger of Linfield.


We’ll get to the questions in a minute, but first I wanted to find out more about Rachel A. Yerger.  The family file and our good old card catalog turned up nothing, so I tried HSMC’s newest resource – Ancestry.  Rachel appeared in the 1900 census, living with her father, sisters, and brother, and working as a teacher at the age of 25.  You can click on the image to enlarge it.


The notebook is divided into subjects, with different questions for different townships.  Rachel seems to have administered tests in Limerick, Upper Merion, and Upper Providence.  The questions are written in pencil, which can make them difficult to read, but here’s a page of physiology questions:


And here’s arithmetic and history:



So, how did you do?

Maple Grove School House

Yesterday, we received this wonderful photograph from Historical Society members Mr. and Mrs. Ross Gordon Gerhart III.



The Gerharts provided the identification from Anna Madeline Cupid-Schneider Cooper, late of Ambler, and a former student at the school  The school was built in then Gwynedd Township (today Lower Gwynedd) in 1877 and closed around 1925.  There’s very little in our collection on Maple Grove School.  Our main secondary source on Gwynedd (Historical Collections Relating to Gwynedd by Charles Jenkins) covers only much earlier schools in the area.  According to Eastern Montgomery County Revisited by Andrew Mark Herman the building is still standing.

So we’re looking to our readers!  Do you know anything about Maple Grove School House?  Do you recognize anyone in the children?  Please share this post with as many people you can!